6 day course (2x500ml bottles)


  • Fresh and ready to drink kefir.
  • Quicker and easier than doing it yourself with starter culture grains.
  • Recommended for intestinal disorder and healthier digestion.
  • Perfect way to supply your body with probiotics.
  • Creamy, natural and sugar free taste that's full of (good) live bacteria.

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Product Description

1 litre of fresh, creamy kefir. We recommend buying this tried and tested ready made kefir drink rather than making your own with grains as making your own can can take time to get right and if not made correctly will not provide the correct level of probiotics to be effective. Our kefir will be delivered quickly to ensure freshness.

Delivery information
We’ll send you 1 batch for your full 6 day course. It’s recommended to drink at least 150ml per day.

Little Bird Kefir travels in insulated packages that help keep it chilled whilst in transit. Once you receive your kefir, pop it into the fridge straight away as the package is not designed to stay cool beyond the transit period. From the day you receive your kefir, we can only guarantee 10 days before the use by date is reached. However, on average you’ll get between 10-15days.

Once you’ve put the order in, we normally need around 1 working day to dispatch your order after which it’ll be with you in 1-2 working days. We’ll send you an email once we’ve packed and dispatched your order so you’ll have a good idea of when it will arrive. We don’t offer tracking on our packages yet so we aren’t able to give exact days and times.

Other information
Our Kefir is pasteurised. The fermentation process occurs after pasteurisation so all the good bacteria is retained in the milk. The ingredients are cow’s milk, milk powder, kefir live culture.

Please note in case of allergy, the packaging the kefir comes in has a wool liner.

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